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4COM PLC was established in 1999 and since then they have been working tirelessly to provide UK businesses with hardware and software systems that make internal and external communications more efficient and cost effective. This has resulted in many positive and encouraging 4COM reviews being written.

4COM PLC is a supplier of telephone solutions and it helps businesses to really change the way in which they work for the better. They aim to increase revenue, help to improve the productivity of staff and profitability and save time. All of this is backed up with an impressive customer service and over 8,000 businesses situated in the UK using their communication services. 4COM are based in the UK and contacting them could not be easier as they appoint a dedicated point of contact for each department.

They offer a number of communication services that work to enhance businesses in many ways. 4COM offers many products with each one being tailored to the needs of their client and below are a selection of services available.

  • Call Recording- this can work through enhancing the training offered to staff to give them a more realistic experience whilst also improving sales
  • 4Sight CTI – this can help to increase and improve productivity as well as call handling.
  • Maintenance- providing in-depth help and support for telephone systems
  • Business Mobiles – help to save businesses up to 24% on their current mobile tariff
  • On Hold Marketing – enabling businesses to reach a wider audience to market their products and services.

4COM have built a large customer base over many years and they have become a reputable provider in the business telephone industry. This has led to them becoming highly thought of thanks to their many satisfied customers and impeccable service.

They have worked with a number of large clients and this had resulted in many 4COM reviews being made that support exactly what they have to offer. Their installation services have been reviewed as being very efficient and trouble free with customer service being an excellent experience. The 4COM reviews show that they are a reliable company with helpful staff and they keep their costs as competitive as possible.

They have worked with a number of large and prestigious companies with Harwoods Bentley being one. They were extremely pleased with the service provided and the systems installed helped to solve the problem that they faced. 4COM recommended the system that was best for them and worked to make the deal as simple as possible.

Henderson Chambers, a large law firm in London used the services of 4COM and they were extremely impressed with the way in which 4COM set out exactly what would work best for them. The negotiations were set up quickly and everything was explained in a way that made sense. Once the systems had been installed, 4COM then trained staff on how the systems worked and how they can get the most from them.

Blushes of Cheltenham 4Com Review

These guys were so impressed with 4Com that they decided to make a video about it. Check it out below: